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Building the ecosystem of services & solutions to power the future of healthcare administration

Easily use YOUR credentialing data to order multiple services at the click of a button, such as:

  • State License Registration
  • Payer Enrollments
  • DEA/CSR Registration
  • Renewals
  • ...and more!

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We help you get the most out of your credentialing data

Healthcare professionals can use our platform individually or through their healthcare organization. Organizations of all sizes can leverage BlocHealth to manage credentialing data, order credentialing-related services using that data or we can become your credentialing department through our virtual credentialing offering. 

Primary Source Verification

Multiple verification options available with our flexible packages. 

Provider Enrollment

Experience an easy enrollment process that allows you to apply for enrollment with multiple payers at once with full transparency. 

License Registration

Apply for multiple licenses and easily understand the process each state follows. 

DEA & CSR Registration

Register for your DEA & CSR using your credentialing information. 

License & Certificate Renewals

Renew multiple licenses and certificates with the click of a button. 

...The Future

We have BIG plans! Stay tuned.

Why BlocHealth?

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Dedicating in-house resources to assist with provider enrollment and related tasks can be costly. At an average of $25/hour and 6 payers, getting one provider enrolled can cost your organization up to $3,000. Delays can cost your organization an additional $3,000+ per day in revenue. ? 

use data for more

Use healthcare professional data for more than one task

Submit information once using BlocApp, our smart, universal common application. Information entered is data mapped and can be used for the most painful tasks: 

  • Primary Source Verification
  • Provider Enrollment
  • State License Registration & Renewal
  • ...and many more!

Provide a better experience for your healthcare professionals

Healthcare professionals spend up to 450 hours per year on administrative tasks. ? 

“Providing the best healthcare professional experience is more important now than it ever was in the past. Professionals want to spend more time on providing care to patients versus filling out paperwork inside and outside of the healthcare facility. The organizations that fail to reduce administrative tasks will end up having trouble with hiring, retention and more!”

Jared S. Taylor, Founder & CEO of BlocHealth

We have features you need, together in one platform

Document Management

Easily upload, share, request & manage all of your credentialing documents & information. 

Smart Common Application

Submit historical information once and easily update new information as it changes. 

Expirable Notifications

Receive notifications for everything that has an expiration date. 

Run Reports

Run the reports that you need to understand all things happening with your healthcare professionals.


We keep you up to date with the latest credentialing and licensing regulations.

Order Services

Use your credentialing data to order multiple services, saving you valuable time. 

Track Services

We provide full transparency by letting you easily track where you stand in the process. 


Launching soon! Chat with a credentialing expert live. 

Ready to save valuable time?

Individual healthcare professionals are eligible to get platform access for free. Healthcare organizations have the opportunity to save money with our tiered pricing plans.

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