About our company

Our mission

We believe in creating a great experience for healthcare professionals. By creating a great experience, it also means a better experience for healthcare organizations. We help unlock healthcare professional data, making it easily shareable. Healthcare professionals should have the ability to only submit historical information once and update new information quickly and easily. Healthcare administrators and professionals should only have to worry about providing the best experience possible to patients, not the work that is required to be completed before they can do that.

Our story

BlocHealth was founded in 2017 as a healthcare staffing marketplace for nurse anesthetists and anesthesiologists. Jared noticed a gap in the healthcare staffing industry and decided to leverage a new approach to making temporary and permanent placements. 

The company was founded with a focus on healthcare professionals. After having some initial success, the company ran into issues with licensing and credentialing. BlocHealth found that it did not matter how efficiently they were able to make a placement if they could not quickly get a professional credentialed and/or licensed (if they did not currently have a state license). 

Towards the end of 2018, the company decided to pivot to become a credential sharing platform for healthcare professionals and organizations. Adrienne and Tiffany joined in 2019 to help make this a reality. Today, BlocHealth is passionate about unlocking healthcare professional data, making it easily shareable.

Our vision

In the near future, healthcare professionals will use BlocHealth as a single-source of truth. Through our platform tasks like state licensing, primary source verification, provider enrollment, and renewals will become easy for all parties involved. Today, so much time is spent on verifying certain parts of a healthcare professional's history. Tomorrow, verifications will be almost instantaneous. This becomes possible by leveraging BlocHealth's CVO services which leverages a public blockchain for full transparency. 

Our values





Innovating in healthcare takes a mix of insiders and outsiders. It's important to throw away the 'this is how things have always been done' mindset and push forward. We are super excited about waking up every morning and working towards making life easier for healthcare professionals and organizations. 

Jared S. Taylor

Founder & CEO, BlocHealth

Disruption is sorely needed in the healthcare credentialing process. We are finding that the current overly complicated and duplicative processes to onboard and credential healthcare professionals are not sustainable. We understand this and are taking a proactive approach to solve a problem that is long overdue for a solution."

Tiffany Long

VP of Credentialing & Licensing Operations

We focus on four important parts of healthcare:

Cost Savings

Provider Experience

Access to Care

Quality of Care

Our Leadership Team

Jared S. Taylor image

Jared S. Taylor

Founder & CEO

Tiffany Long

Tiffany Long, CPCS, CPMSM, FMSP

VP of Credentialing & Licensing Operations

Michael Gregory

Michael Gregory


Our Technology Partner

Our Advisory Team

We work with advisors that focus on healthcare, technology, and entrepreneurship. Each of our advisors brings a unique point of view and skillset to our team. 

Bob Bausmith

Bob Bausmith

Interim CIO @ Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City

Shirley Mills, CFA

CFO @ Shoobx

Dr. Amal Agarwal

Amal Agarwal, DO, MBA

VP of Home Solutions @ Humana

Dr. Matthew Rosenberg

Matthew Rosenberg, MD

Startup Investor & Advisor

Dr. Fadi Constantine

Fadi Constantine, MD

Constantine Plastic Surgery

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