BlocHealth Partners With Panacea Financial to Make Life Easier for Physicians 

by Jared S. Taylor in December 16th, 2020

BlocHealth and Panacea Financial have partnered to make life easier for physicians when it comes to banking, credentialing, and licensing-related services. 

Through the partnership, customers of both companies will have the ability to access banking, credentialing, and licensing-related services and solutions with ease.

Panacea Financial is a national digital financial company created for doctors, by doctors - aiming to improve the lives of physicians and physicians in training with products and services tailored to the medical community. Panacea Financial can help physicians quickly pay for relocation or unexpected life events, refinance medical school debt, offers one of the highest savings rates in the country and much more!

“I am thrilled to announce this partnership between BlocHealth and Panacea Financial. As we’ve gotten to know the BlocHealth team over the past several months, it has been abundantly evident they share our mission and vision of removing the traditional pain points that physicians and physicians-in-training face. BlocHealth is solving these pain points within the credentialing environment, while Panacea is curing these pain points within the banking landscape." Tyler Stafford, CFA, CEO & Co-Founder of Panacea Financial

BlocHealth is building an ecosystem of healthcare services and solutions to power the future of healthcare, starting with credentialing and licensing-related actions. The BlocHealth platform allows healthcare professionals and organizations to manage credentials and submit information once, through a smart, universal common application and use that information to request many of the most painful healthcare administrative tasks, including licensing and credentialing. 

“It's great to finally announce this partnership between BlocHealth and Panacea Financial. From day one, the BlocHealth team has been super focused on building relationships with partners that provide genuine value to our customers. I know that Panacea Financial feels the same way which makes this such a great relationship. Physicians and other healthcare professionals play such an important role in the healthcare ecosystem, so whenever we can make their non-clinical lives easier, we jump on it." Jared S. Taylor, Founder & CEO of BlocHealth

About Panacea Financial

A full-service digital bank specifically tailored to medical students, residents, fellows, and practicing attendings. All of our products and services have been created from the ground up specifically to serve doctors and doctors-in-training. We offer services that span the entire lifespan of physicians, from personal loans, to student loan refi, 100% free checking nationwide, and much more. Panacea Financial is a division of SonaBank, Member FDIC. Learn more at

About BlocHealth

A technology-based healthcare company, building the ecosystem of healthcare services and solutions to power the future of healthcare. The BlocHealth platform lets healthcare professionals and organizations use their credentialing data to order multiple services at the click of a button. Learn more at

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