We alleviate the pain of credentialing-related tasks

BlocHealth gives you the ability to request, share and store all your healthcare professional's credentialing data in one place. No more sifting through stacks of papers to find important credentialing documents. BlocApp streamlines the credentialing process, making your job easier and you look great!

Our team is also here to help you with key tasks like Primary Source Verification, Provider Enrollment, State Licensing and Renewals.


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Smart, universal common application

  • Smart, universal common app
  • Submit information once
  • Easily update information
  • Use data for multiple tasks


Store credentialing and licensing documents

  • Store documents
  • Share documents
  • Request documents

Virtual Credentialing

State licensing, payor enrollment and other services

  • Primary Source Verification
  • Payor Enrollment
  • State License Registration
  • State License Renewals
  • Re-appointments
  • ...and more!

Learn how we're helping Monument

“BlocHealth has been an asset in helping Monument scale our provider network. They combine service and technology with ease and their credentialing team excels at navigating payers and state agencies. They are communicative with our operations team, while creating a seamless experience for our providers. Our providers want to focus on their craft, not administratively burdensome paperwork - BlocHealth allows them to do just that.”

Alyson Smith

Connor Walsh

Sr. Director of Operations @ Monument


How we help healthcare organizations

  • Credentials Management

    • Easily manage all your healthcare professional’s credentialing information and documents in one place.
    • Request and share important documents easily and securely.
    • Our mobile-friendly platform makes it easy for healthcare professionals to upload images on the go.
  • Primary Source Verification

    Use our CVO to primary source verify critical credentialing information before making hiring decisions.

    • Licenses
    • DEA
    • Education
    • Training
    • Sanctions
    • Board Certification
    • Peer References
    • Affiliations
    • Claims History
  • Provider Enrollment

    BlocHealth CVO uses information already stored in your “common app” to populate relevant information to CAQH and other payer applications.

    Increased transparency with our unique real-time PE Tracker giving you 24/7 insight into your enrollment status.

  • Expirable Document Tracking

    Get notified when healthcare professionals' licenses, DEA and board certifications are expiring.

  • License Registration & Renewal

    BlocHealth CVO can use the information already stored in your BlocApp to register for state licenses or renew licenses. 

  • DEA Registration & Renewal

    BlocHealth CVO can use the information already stored in your BlocApp to register for a DEA or renew a DEA. 

  • Data Mapping

    Stop duplicating efforts! Populate third-party applications with information already in your BlocApp.

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