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Stop wasting valuable time

Ever feel like there aren't enough hours in the day? It's no secret, as a healthcare professional you're busy. Your time is valuable and should be spent picking up more shifts, being with your family or simply just relaxing. Unfortunately, throughout the year, you will always need to engage in tasks outside your daily work activities.

That's where BlocHealth comes in. We can help you with many of the tasks that affect your ability to start work or maintain work. Some of these tasks may seem quick and easy, but the reality is they are not. What's even worse is that many of these tasks will ask you for the same pieces of information over and over again. It won't take long for this to become a little ludicrous.

Don't spend time on tedious tasks. Use BlocHealth's platform to complete them instead.


Leverage our full-suite platform

We help you use your credentialing data for all the painful tasks that take up large amounts of your time. 



Submit information once using our smart, universal common application.



Store, share and view your core licensing and credentialing documents.


Order Services

Use credentialing data to order multiple services, saving you valuable time. 


Track Services

We provide full transparency by letting you easily track where you stand in the process. 


How we help healthcare professionals

  • Credential Management

    • Easily manage all your credentialing information and documents in one place.
    • Request and share important documents easily and securely.
    • Our mobile-friendly platform makes it easy for you to upload and send images on the go.

  • Provider Enrollment

    BlocHealth CVO uses information already stored in your “common app” to populate relevant information to CAQH and other payer applications.

    Increased transparency with our unique real-time PE Tracker giving you 24/7 insight into your enrollment status.

  • Expirable Notifications

    Get notified when licenses, DEA and board certifications are expiring.

  • State License Registration & Renewal

    BlocHealth CVO can use the information already stored in your BlocApp to renew your state license.

  • DEA/CSR Registration & Renewal

    BlocHealth CVO can use the information already stored in your BlocApp to renew your DEA registration.

  • Data Mapper

    Stop duplicating efforts! Populate third-party applications with information already in your BlocApp.


How much time could you save with BlocHealth?

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